Our Clients & Us

Clients and Us

We Value the Relationships that We Build with Our Clients

We are the team at Spitfire Management, LLC, and we do so much more than sell the Spitfire Project Management System.


What We Offer

  • Hosting (if desired),
  • Installation,
  • Implementation,
  • Help with configuration,
  • Training,
  • Documentation
  • Software maintenance
  • And ongoing support to all our clients.
    “One thing ALC has always rejected was working with companies that nickel and dime us! ALC lives in a fixed bid market and does many things as customer service that are unbillable. We definitely appreciate and respect Spitfire’s ethics along this train of thought also!” —Ruth Mason, Appleton Lathing Corporation.


Who Our Clients Are

Our clients are companies, big and small, some in the construction industry and some not, who need to deal with all the details of one or more projects. Among other things, our clients are

  • Specialty Subcontractors
    • Landscape
    • Lathing, Wall and Ceilings
    • Commercial Roofing
    • Marine
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Concrete
  • General Contractors
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Construction Program Managers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Design/Builders

and companies that deal with

  • Hotel Management
  • Energy Management
  • Amusement Pier Management


Client Testimonials

“Orion Marine Group has been utilizing the Spitfire Project Management System since July 2006 with great success. The Spitfire training and support teams have been exceptional and we are pleased with the construction project management software, a design that has provided us with the capability needed to better manage our projects.”

– Greg Mathews, VP of Project Controls and Estimating, Orion Marine Group (Client since 2006)

“We have been Spitfire users for many years….What has been recognized that we made the right decision has been the conscientious, thoughtful and caring members of the Spitfire team. Each and every one of them has repeatedly gone above and beyond to ensure our issues are resolved and that we get the best system that works for us. We arrived at Spitfire as our solution after significant research. We found that Spitfire provided all of the features we were looking [for] in a web based Project Management system….” [Read the full testimonial]

-Arnold P. Silverman, President, Silverman Construction Program Management (Client since 2007)

“We started using [the Spitfire Project Management System] mostly for Document Control with some Accounting Integration. SPMS has been a wonderful Document Control system and has benefitted G&R greatly over the years. In recent years, G&R has begun using the Budget, Forecasting & Project Analysis (BFA) capability much more frequently in order to help manage our projects….Without these tools in place, our managers would have a very difficult time keeping track of the project financials in real time; thus making it very difficult to ‘see’ the changes that may be required to improve our project profitability. The Spitfire Team has been a great partner for G&R…” [Read the full testimonial]

– John Rodriguez, VP of Operations, Gibbs & Register, Inc. (Client since 2007)

“Since implementing Spitfire Project Management system, we have seen a great Return on Investment at Advanced Roofing. From freeing up accounting personnel from pulling files and being interrupted to Project Managers being able to watch job costs in real time and catch problems proactively and save the company a significant amount.”

– Kevin Kornahrens, VP of Administration, Advanced Roofing (Client since 2007)

“This is seriously…by FAR…the best upgrade I’ve ever experienced. From now on, I’m sure I can just put my feet up on my desk, lay back with a fresh mocha, say ‘ahhh,’ hit a button and wham…we are upgraded. Sweet! Thanks for all you guys do.”

-Lisa Van Wyk, Owner and CIO, Appleton Lathing Corporation (Client since 2007)

“Your team’s continued commitment to upgrading the software with enhancements and programming changes on an annual basis is to be commended….While SF is a web based software, having the ability to see and share information on any number of commercial cloud platforms while on jobsites has improved field performance significantly. Having everything project related in a single platform has helped us grow….we made the right choice in selecting the Spitfire software platform.” [Read the full testimonial]

– Jeff R. Riesberg, Vice President, Ceco Concrete Construction LLC (Client since 2009)

“The most important portion of our business from a Project Manager’s perspective (Daily Report) is being used by all Construction Managers throughout our company, and that can be attributed to both Dorothy and Chelsea’s collaboration together. I am very impressed (and surprised) this occurred so smoothly and we are very happy with the results so far.”

– David Codell, Board Chairman, Codell Construction Company (Client since 2010)

“In the search for an accessible, user friendly, construction management program that fully integrates all aspects of a business, Spitfire Project Management System will exceed expectations….Change, of any sort, is always met with resistance; however, the benefits of implementing Spitfire highly outweigh the obstacles, as we utilize an accessible, fully integrated and efficient program.” [Read the full testimonial]

– Chelsea Schmieg, System Administrator and Project Accountant, Codell Construction Company (Client since 2010)

“Spitfire Project Management System has been a great solution for Touchstone CPM!…The system can be easily customized to meet our individual and unique processes and procedures to be able to manage our projects and provide customized reporting to our clients as they require….I feel Spitfire is a complete Project Management System. They provide so many options and customizations to meet the needs of the industry today. In addition, their knowledgeable staff and their willingness to assist their clients are amazing. I am very happy that Touchstone CPM chose Spitfire for their project software needs!” [Read the full testimonial]

– Jamie Trombley, Project Controls Manager, Touchstone CPM (Client since 2010)

“Spitfire has greatly enhanced Remington Project Management’s ability to execute projects, track outstanding items, manage budgets and follow proper procedures. We have been able to reduce the paperwork bureaucracy by utilizing web-based functionalities and to enable contracts/budget management/workflow to continue to be executed when project managers and management are traveling. Spitfire customization to follow our internal procedures resulted in a perfect audit (100%!) this year. Its budget management tools enabled Remington to reduce budget breakage amounts by over 85% resulting in more projects for our hotels and increased revenues for our company.” 

– Mark Matz, Executive VP of Project Management, Remington Hotels (Client since 2012)