Project Management

Project Management

The Spitfire Project Management System: The Name Says It All

You can read all about the different functionality of the Spitfire Project Management System, but it all ties together for one overall purpose: project management.

All of our collaboration, document/file management, contract management, project accounting, financial accounting and contact management features are designed for the effective and efficient execution of projects. The Spitfire Project Management System provides transparency and accountability from project design to close out by giving you both quick-view and detailed access to all project information from easy-to-read project dashboards.


Initiate Your Project

  • Track bid and awarded projects
  • Set up checklists and documents automatically
  • Create team lists easily


Plan Your Project

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with project participants
  • Analyze data from previous projects for better planning
  • Establish due dates to be monitored by the system


Execute Your Project

  • Access and input project information from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Keep documents and files organized and centrally located
  • Gather all sorts of project-related data including photos, and weather condition logs that include:
    • Date and time reported
    • General conditions (fair, overcast, fog/mist, etc.)
    • Visibility in miles
    • Temperature and “feels like” temperature
    • Dew point
    • Humidity
    • Wind direction
    • Wind speed
    • Barometer
  • Use automatic workflows to simply your work, for example:
    • Generate output from specific templates
    • Send documents to certain people on scheduled dates
    • Set due dates based on current or document creation dates


Monitor and Control Your Project

  • Track compliance requirements throughout the life of the project
  • Generate system reports for analysis
  • Know the financial health of your project at all times
  • Use alerts to point out potential problems, for example:
    • if a contract or subcontract will be due tomorrow, giving you an opportunity to make sure all will be done in time
    • if a budget revision has been approved, allowing you to know right away
    • if a submittal is overdue, prompting you to find out why


Close Your Project

  • Use punch lists to ensure that all has been completed
  • Make your project documents “read-only” so they can’t be changed after the fact
  • Keep records and audit trails for future examination


Ask to see the Spitfire Project Management System in action.