Project Accounting


The Spitfire Project Management System Keeps All Your Project Accounting in Order

Manage your budget and cash flow; anticipate, plan and analyze your finances, take control of your SOV billing; process invoices and payment requests; and seamlessly combine accounting data with project data.

Projects, in construction and other project-centric industries, encompass many accounting details, including invoicing and vendor payments. The Spitfire Project Management System offers comprehensive recording, tracking and analysis tools for your budgets, budget revisions, forecasts, job-cost accounting, subcontractor payments, and schedule-of-value (SOV) billing—which all work together to give you current financial “snapshots” of your projects at all times.

Spitfire can also be integrated with several accounting packages, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP and Microsoft Dynamics SL, for total communication between the financial and non-financial aspects of your project.


Advantages of Integrated Project Accounting

  • User-level security ensures that only the right people see financial data
  • Easy creation of budgets for each project, all with a consistent look, saves time
  • Change orders, subcontracts, purchase orders and payments can update your budget automatically
  • Budgets include real-time actual and commitment (subcontract) amounts, always giving you accurate data
  • Vendor payment requests help create each month’s SOV progress billing
  • Billing against the SOV creates an audit trail and history record of job progress and percentage of completion
  • All project team members, including accountants, can be included in document distribution as needed


Ask to see a free demo of Spitfire’s comprehensive project accounting including Budgets and SOV Billing.