Mobile Devices

Spitfire on iPads and Android Mobile Devices

Spitfire on iPads and Android Mobile Devices

The Spitfire Project Management System for productivity on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

Imagine taking the power and functionality of the Spitfire Project Management System with you when you leave your office. Log in as usual from out in the field and do your work. Thanks to your device’s Internet connection, the data you see on your tablet or smartphone is up-to-the second, and your additions and changes are immediately available to everyone else. And of course, permissions and access levels set up in Spitfire extend to mobile devices, so that project managers, subcontractors and other team members can view and edit only the appropriate information.

Since it is so easy to send documents and messages to others, communication and collaboration becomes easy from everywhere.


Access Project Data While Away from Your Office

  • Review all projects for which you are responsible
  • Easily open those documents that require your attention
  • Respond to documents and send them to other people


Add Photos from the Job Site

  • Attach the photos you take to specific projects
  • Attach the photos to specific documents
  • Easily retrieve photos from the central Spitfire catalog


Review and Update Project Documents

  • Check items off your punch lists as you see what has been done, and what still needs to be done
  • Send reports with your comments
  • Read responses to your RFIs, check their statuses and send them to others
  • Type or use voice recognition to dictate your Daily Field Reports and more
  • View all project-related PDF files and view Microsoft Word and Excel files too


Easily Contact Team Members

  • Find a specific team member from the Team Contact list
  • Call or send email, using the full functionality of your mobile device
  • Store as many project-related contacts as needed in the system
  • Have all those contacts at your fingertips wherever you go


Receive Timely Alerts

  • See, at-a-glance, whatever alerts have been set up for you, for example:
    • Documents that are overdue or about to be overdue
    • Documents that have changed their status
    • Documents that have not been returned in time
    • Documents with new items
    • Documents that are out of compliance
  • Forward or delete the alerts, open the related document and take whatever action is appropriate, just like when you are at your desk


Ask to learn more about the Spitfire Project Management System on your mobile devices.