Exceptional Pricing

Right size at the right price

The Right Size at the Right Price

Spitfire Management offers various acquisition and deployment options, so you can choose the right sized configuration for your operation. Each of the following can be combined with any of our deployment options.

Companies with seasonal workforces can enjoy our innovative Flex-Connect pricing; larger companies can enjoy our Premium site licensing with unlimited users, thus removing constraints related to fixed user counts; and smaller companies can deploy “big company tools” at a fraction at the cost with the Classic concurrent licensing model.



If you are looking to minimize up-front capital expenditures by paying monthly for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), lock in your total annual fees, and still provide unlimited access to your system for all project partners and stakeholders, then our Premium pricing model is for you. This is not a one-price-fits-all model where smaller companies subsidize larger companies or vice-versa. The published fixed fee is scaled based on the count and processing power your company requires. This model structure ensures fairness in pricing for everyone.

Throughout the annual contract, you are provided with quarterly reports documenting the ebb and flow of various system utlization metrics. When renewal time rolls around, the quarterly reports act as a guide to right-size the fee structure to your usage, ensuring that you never pay too much. You get a fixed budget for the year with no restrictions on users or work volume.



The construction industry accepts the fact that seasonal fluctuation in business volume is the nature of the beast. When you are busy, you need more of everything; when things are slow, you pare down to minimum. The Flex-Connect program is a simple model based on actual usage. Your annual subscription agreement aligns your monthly fee to your off-season minimum requirements. As business volume increases, you can do what you need to do—add projects, add partners, add users, do more work—without worrying about business coming to a halt because of pre-defined limitations in your project management solution.

Our quarterly reports document the ebb and flow of various utilization metrics at your site. We then adjust your quarterly billing to actual usage. Here’s the important part: the fee structure is not punitive—you pay exactly the same rate per concurrent user with no accelerators of any kind! In addition, the user count is based on the median count for the quarter, not the peak. When business slows again, your fees return to the off-season minimums. You pay only for what you use and when you use it.


Perpetual Classic

Ownership remains a popular  acquisition model for many of our clients. A one-time license fee provides unrestricted concurrent use without a termination date. The upfront capital investment, coupled with the annual maintenance and support fees, breaks even with the subscription pricing model around the 38th month of ownership.


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