Bid/Contract Management

Bid/Contract Management

The Spitfire Project Management System Simplifies the Way You Manage Your Contracts

If your bid, contract or change order management still involves a pile of paperwork and the potential for disorganized chaos, you must know there is a better way to do business.

There’s a reason you are called a contractor: contracts are central to your business. So, of course, proper control of contracts is essential. The Spitfire Project Management System allows you to plan, create, execute, monitor and report on all your contracts (regardless of type), giving you piece of mind that all is in order. Whether you have just been awarded a project, need to gather bids from a pool of subcontractors or a public Plan Room, need to manage all the changes that occur during a project, want to monitor compliance requirements, or process your invoices and pay your subcontractors, Spitfire gives you the proper tools every step of the way.


Easier Bid Management

  • Prepare your bid solicitations in less time using templates.
  • Select vendors through qualifications such as CSI specialty, area, rating or number of times previously hired.
  • Attach all bid files—including plans, specs, PDFs, CADs, drawings, spreadsheets, etc.—into one bid package.
  • Send out large numbers of bid solicitations with corresponding files through automated distribution.
  • Compare at-a-glance all submitted bids with your budget for easier evaluation.
  • Create a subcontract from a winning bid with a few clicks, without having to re-enter information.


Full-System Contract Management

  • Spend less time creating new contracts.
  • Manage all types of contracts (Client Contracts, Subcontracts, Lump Sum, Unit Price, GMP, Cost Plus, Design-Bid-Build, Purchase Orders, etc.) in one system.
  • Prevent past-due scenarios with Contract Due Date alerts.
  • Attach all corresponding files to a contract for easy reference.
  • Send contracts to all necessary people through system-generated distribution lists.
  • Rely on version control of your contracts to always have just one version of the truth.


Smarter Change Management

  • Flow information from RFIs or proposed change orders to approved change orders.
  • Combine several approved change items into one change order.
  • Link related subcontractor change orders and owner change orders together.
  • Easily check the status of all change orders from pending to approved or rejected.
  • Have the system automatically update expense and revenue on your budget when changes are approved.
  • Maintain clear records and audit trails for possible legal disputes.


Online Plan Room and Integrated Cloud Storage

  • Eliminate duplicate or lost files by having all files organized and accurately dated.
  • Minimize confusion by offering only the latest version of project documents and files.
  • Save money by distributing files through downloads instead of printed material.
  • Access files instantaneously and cut down on time needed to get and review plans.
  • Flow bid documents into contract and change order management workflows.
  • Use your favorite cloud storage provider (, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.) or our own Plan Room to share catalogued files.


Ask to see Bid, Contract or Change Order Management in the Spitfire Project Management System.