The Spitfire Project Management System Enables Everyone to Work Together

When everyone can access the same project data, there is less confusion and duplication of work.

Project teams need to work together to complete projects efficiently. Team members need to share documents, files, specs, etc. without worry about latest versions or if someone was left out of the loop. Team members should also have an easy time communicating with each other, using the resources of a project management system as well as integrated email (Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, etc.). All your workflows (for example, for RFIs and Submittals) proceed more smoothly if collaboration is facilitated. The Spitfire Project Management System offers many collaborative project management features.


Benefits of Collaborative Project Management

  • Easier communication and automated workflows mean information always gets to the right people in time.
  • Knowing who’s responsible for what means better accountability.
  • Controlled access means that people see only what they should see, even on a shared system.


How Email and Spitfire Work Better Together

  • Spitfire uses email to communicate with project participants who are not system users, so no one is ever out of reach.
  • Spitfire handles files that are too large to attach to an email, so the size of attachments is never an issue.
  • Responses to Spitfire-generated emails are automatically attached to corresponding documents and archived in the file catalog, so all authorized people have access to them.
  • Spitfire accepts emails from anyone and places the email and attachments in the correct project and document, so unsolicited emails (such as new RFIs) are handled intelligently.


Ask to see how collaboration works in the Spitfire Project Management System.