Cloud Storage Integration

Cloud Storage Integration

The Spitfire Project Management System Offers Cloud Storage Benefits for Project Files

If you want project file management for organization, version tracking and audit trails, but also want or need to use cloud storage for complete access and sharing of files among all project participants, there is a solution.

The Spitfire Project Management System, which provides full file management features, can also integrate with cloud storage providers such as Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.  On their own, cloud storage providers offer “anywhere” and “any device” access to project files, and work with cloud-friendly tools such as Bluebeam, but do not organize files or provide a high level of version control.


With Spitfire’s Project Management-Cloud Storage Integration, you can:

  • Still use any cloud-friendly tools for best-of-breed productivity.
  • Organize your files by document and project in the same way within the Spitfire Catalog and the cloud for structure and consistency.
  • Attach files to your Spitfire documents and have those files appear in the appropriate folder in the cloud for anywhere, anytime, any device access.
  • Add a file to a cloud folder and have that file appear on your Spitfire document for easier third party participation.
  • Update a file either in Spitfire or the cloud and have all copies of that file updated for consistent version control.
  • Maintain an audit trail of who and when for all files added or modified.


Ask to see a demo of the Spitfire Project Management System with cloud storage integration.