Dashboards in the Spitfire Project Management System

The Spitfire Project Management System Provides Problem-Solving Solutions to Your Project-Centric Concerns

Managing a project properly saves you money, saves you time, and keeps you on schedule.



A project involves many people, many tasks, many details and many cost items. If you worry about details falling through the cracks or mistakes being made and you want to minimize your risks, the Spitfire Project Management System can help you. Spitfire keeps track of your projects and related financial information, and alerts you to potential problems before they happen.



A typical project involves many software programs used by team members both inside and outside your organization. If you want a system that integrates both horizontally and vertically with other technology, the Spitfire Project Management System can help you. Spitfire was designed to work with the other software your team relies on, to increase efficiency.

Horizontally, within your own organization, the Spitfire Project Management System can exchange information with an accounting system, such as Microsoft Dynamics SL or Acumatica Cloud ERP, so that information flows seamlessly between the management and financial aspects of your project and there is no more double entry. Spitfire can also work with your estimating software and other information you already have in Microsoft Excel.

Vertically, across third-party members of the project team, the Spitfire Project Management System connects your project file catalog with the designated cloud storage provider for the project (for example, or OneDrive).


Current Technology

Flexible deployment and powerful integration go hand-in-hand with modern software architecture. If you are concerned that your current software is outdated and ineffective, the Spitfire Project Management System can put your mind at ease. Spitfire is constantly being updated to make use of newer technologies. Once you are on a maintenance agreement or subscription agreement, you will receive all updates and new versions free of charge.


Some Solution Snapshots

Here are some examples of specific challenges that we have solved for our clients.

  • Vendor & Subcontractor Management Challenge: “….Individual PMs have opinions about certain subcontractors, but this information is not available to all. We’d like a system that will let us rate our vendors and subcontractors and prevent us from working again with the lowest rated ones….”
  • Plan Room Challenge: “The old practice of requiring potential contractors to go to a specific print shop to get hard copy plans before they can submit a bid for our project is outdated, wasteful and prone to mistakes….”
  • File Management Challenge: “It is said that the one with the best documentation wins. Our file cabinets are full of files, but retrieving specific information and worrying about lost files is taking too much of our time….”
  • Limits on Subcontract/Commitment Change Orders Challenge: “We contractually limit our subcontractors to aggregate change orders of no more than a specific percentage of their original contract. We need to enforce special approvals if a new change will exceed this limit….”